Where will we be in Japan?

Trip date: June – July 2016


I can’t contain my excitement for our Japan trip! Months have gone by, which make me both happy and sad, but the day has finally come! I guess time goes by fast when you are busy, busy. I wanted to get a short blog of some sort out into the world because I currently have some free time aboard this flight to J-town [edit: now laying in bed in a hotel in Japan]. Late last night, an idea of doodling on a map of Japan crossed my mind, and voila! See up top for my masterpiece. I just colored in an outlined map actually and drew some dots. šŸ™‚

These will be our destinations for the trip. We’ll be hopping around Japan for 2 weeks, flying into Tokyo then heading south to Yakushima the day after. Then, we will make our way back up to Osaka and Kyoto and wrap up our trip with the summit of Fujisan. šŸ˜€

Everyone has heard of the three main cities we’re going to (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) and probably not much about Yakushima because just look at the map – it is way, way out of the way. At first, I was reluctant to go here when my boyfriend suggested it, but after researching the island, I found out that there are tons of outdoorsy stuff to do. Of course, right down my alley. Plus, it’ll be cool to share my experience on a place that hasn’t been too popularized by tourism. Will let you guys know if it’s everything and more!

If you’re curious about what we’ll be up to, see my overview below of what our itinerary looks like and what main sites/activities we’re planning to visit/see. Not everything is set in stone and plans can always change, so there may be some updates. I didn’t contribute much to the logistics planning of this trip…only contributed big ideas of where to go and things to do. As such, Nicholai took care of all the routes/hotels/transportation details hehe. He also Excel-ed the crap out of our trip. Plenty of information to share if interested, and I’ll probably go into more detail, as our trip plays out, with subsequent posts.

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Off the Beaten Path to the Hidden Beach of Las Islas Marietas

Trip Date: April 2016

Watch my short video of the Hidden Beach!


Before our trip to Puerto Vallarta (Punta Mita to be specific), I came across a post about the Hidden Beach of Marietas Islands on Pinterest, the site for a lot of my travel discoveries. I scrolled through the pictures, and they looked amazing! I didn’t look into how accessible it was because our intention was to stay inside our all-inclusive resort the whole time and chill pill it out. Funny enough, we talked to a couple at dinner on the first night, and they recommended we take a tour to Marietas Islands/Hidden Beach. The tourĀ could be booked through the resort. With that said, it was a done deal.

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Explore the Northern Region of the Philippines

Trip date: April – May 2015


To preface this post, I’ve been dragging my feet a bit to write about the Philippines, almost not wanting to. The main reason isĀ that the health gods decided to punish me with all sorts of illnesses for the majority of the trip, so I wasn’t able to enjoy it all without feeling like death. Despite the suffering, I still pushed myself to experience this beautiful country. We explored a bunch of different areas from the mountains to the countryside to beach islands to the city that I can’t NOT share with the world. No pain, no gain, right…

This trip came to fruition when Nicholai’s parents asked if we wanted to go to the Philippines to attend his cousin’s wedding. He still has a ton of family back there and hasn’t been back since he was a teenager. So, we thought this is the perfect occasion to make a trip out of it.

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How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo

Trip Date: May 2015

It’s been a good nine months since NicholaiĀ and I were in Japan, but I’m excited to write about it and share all the goodies about our favorite country so far! Japan was actually the second leg of our 2-week trip to the Philippines/Japan, and we only stayed for about 3 full days but instantly fell in love.Ā Read on for a list of things to do if you have 3 days in Japan!

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Chicago: Things To Do and Eat

Trip date: January 2016

The Windy City

Chicago was absolutely freezing. Thankfully, the one day we spent exploring was a tolerable 40 degrees..as opposed to the day after at near 0! We Ubered everywhere on that day because I don’t think I would be alive right now if we were walking for more than five minutes. Despite the cold, I loved the city. I mean, come on, being in downtown with all the cool buildings and eating at the foodie joints did not disappoint.

We stayed at Hotel Chicago, Downtown Autograph Collection, which conveniently placed us close to the attractions/sites that we wanted to see. This is the first hotel, in a while, that I was thoroughly impressed with – modern and sleek style, spacious layout, and a cool vibe. I felt extremely comfortable my whole stay there and would definitely book them again. It was also affordable at around $100/night. Granted, it was probably cheaper during this low-travel season to Chicago so I’m not sure what prices are during peak season.

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