10 Things To Do in Dubai (Plus Abu Dhabi Attractions)


If you plan on going to Dubai, you probably already know that it’s a place that boasts extravagance and luxury. All the money and effort deposited into the most popular destination in the UAE will definitely carve an impression on you. Some people love it. Some people don’t love it as much.

With that said, I lean towards the latter group. I’m amazed but also indifferent. All of its tallest and biggest accomplishments are incredible, but behind the grandiose buildings, the city feels empty. I think it’s because Dubai is very much an international city, with more foreigners living and working there than do natives. Some find this fascinating, or some can see past this to enjoy the sought after attractions in Dubai. But for me, what makes a destination interesting are its people and its culture. It feels like the city lacks an identity, but maybe the lack of identity in its people is compensated with its things.

I’m still very much in awe of all the craziness that was built in this city. However, seeing and experiencing them once is enough for me.

Although I’m giving Dubai some tough love, I do think the city is worth a visit for all of its unique structures and attractions.

Here are ten things to do in Dubai, in no particular order:

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