Off the Beaten Path to the Hidden Beach of Las Islas Marietas

Trip Date: April 2016

Watch my short video of the Hidden Beach!


Before our trip to Puerto Vallarta (Punta Mita to be specific), I came across a post about the Hidden Beach of Marietas Islands on Pinterest, the site for a lot of my travel discoveries. I scrolled through the pictures, and they looked amazing! I didn’t look into how accessible it was because our intention was to stay inside our all-inclusive resort the whole time and chill pill it out. Funny enough, we talked to a couple at dinner on the first night, and they recommended we take a tour to Marietas Islands/Hidden Beach. The tourĀ could be booked through the resort. With that said, it was a done deal.

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Explore the Northern Region of the Philippines

Trip date: April – May 2015


To preface this post, I’ve been dragging my feet a bit to write about the Philippines, almost not wanting to. The main reason isĀ that the health gods decided to punish me with all sorts of illnesses for the majority of the trip, so I wasn’t able to enjoy it all without feeling like death. Despite the suffering, I still pushed myself to experience this beautiful country. We explored a bunch of different areas from the mountains to the countryside to beach islands to the city that I can’t NOT share with the world. No pain, no gain, right…

This trip came to fruition when Nicholai’s parents asked if we wanted to go to the Philippines to attend his cousin’s wedding. He still has a ton of family back there and hasn’t been back since he was a teenager. So, we thought this is the perfect occasion to make a trip out of it.

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