10 Things To Do in Dubai (Plus Abu Dhabi Attractions)


If you plan on going to Dubai, you probably already know that it’s a place that boasts extravagance and luxury. All the money and effort deposited into the most popular destination in the UAE will definitely carve an impression on you. Some people love it. Some people don’t love it as much.

With that said, I lean towards the latter group. I’m amazed but also indifferent. All of its tallest and biggest accomplishments are incredible, but behind the grandiose buildings, the city feels empty. I think it’s because Dubai is very much an international city, with more foreigners living and working there than do natives. Some find this fascinating, or some can see past this to enjoy the sought after attractions in Dubai. But for me, what makes a destination interesting are its people and its culture. It feels like the city lacks an identity, but maybe the lack of identity in its people is compensated with its things.

I’m still very much in awe of all the craziness that was built in this city. However, seeing and experiencing them once is enough for me.

Although I’m giving Dubai some tough love, I do think the city is worth a visit for all of its unique structures and attractions.

Here are ten things to do in Dubai, in no particular order:

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2016 Travels Recap: A Redefining Year

What a Year of Travels!

2016 turned out to be the year where I did the most traveling and created some of my favorite travel memories.

To start off, I’ve just rebranded my blog, so welcome to the new site! 🙂 Thanks for joining me on this recap of the trips I took in 2016. Not only is this site a representation of my passion for travel, it symbolizes a refreshing start to living a more intentional life.

For the past three and a half years, I’ve been cranking away at my accounting job and getting lost in the whirlwind of attaining a “successful” life. Although I love a fast-paced and challenging environment, mid-way through 2016, I asked myself, what am I doing? View Post


Our Stay at the Aloft Abu Dhabi

I realized, now that I’m not a broke college student anymore, that it’s hard to settle for a less than decent accommodation when traveling. Although I’m still not the type to splurge on hotels, I do value comfort and cleanliness much, much more now. Now that I’m also traveling more, it’s nice to come back to a quality hotel and not have to worry about a thang!

When searching for hotels, I’m still usually the budget friendly one, and N prefers to pay a small premium to have peace of mind that nothing weird pops up when we arrive at the hotel. With that said, we usually meet somewhere in the middle.

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Part 2: Timeless Kyoto vs. Modern Osaka

Trip date: June 24 – July 10, 2016

Part 2 of 3 will cover the second part of our trip in Japan – Osaka and Kyoto. 

After spending four days surrounded by nature’s beauty in Yakushima (see Part 1), we made our way back to civilization. The next three days were spent in Osaka and Kyoto. Because we had hotel points to stay at Crowne Plaza, we stayed at the one in Osaka since Kyoto had no availability. Hence, we took the train from Osaka to Kyoto for day trips, which takes about 30 minutes each way.

Now, every city is special in its own way. By experiencing Osaka and Kyoto, I saw two cities that starkly contrasted each other.

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My Next Destination…

Destination: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Pretty excited for this one. We’ll be spending five days there, and we take off next week!

I would say this trip was somewhat a spur of the moment. In the hustle and bustle of my last few weeks of work, I thought, why not plan a trip to celebrate my big decision to take a hiatus from work and to celebrate my upcoming birthday…

After brainstorming for chilling out destinations, affordability of flights (points-wise), and degree of interest, the optimal destination turned out to be the UAE. 🙂

There will be camel riding, skyscraper gazing, and pool lounging involved.

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