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10 Affordable Travel Essentials

10 Affordable Travel Essentials

As I become a more seasoned traveler, I’ve accumulated travel essentials that help mitigate some of the discomfort of traveling. When you’re comfortable and prepared, it makes for a smoother and less worrisome trip. So, I’ve compiled a list of a few essentials that I bring when traveling. Most of these you can find on Amazon. Hopefully, you will find some or ALL of them useful for your next trip! 🙂

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10 Affordable Travel Essentials

Click a picture to open up these items on Amazon.

1. Packing cubes

These have helped me compartmentalize a bunch of my crap in the suitcase. I use them to compartmentalize socks, bras, hair tools and accessories, and N finds massive use in them as storage for his electronic cords/wires/gadgets. The cubes will fit nicely and squarely into your suitcase.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials

2. Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herb, and rose water

I’ve become obsessed with all rose smelling things, and this Mario Badescu facial spray smells bombbbb. It’s refreshing to spritz on your face every now and then, when you feel it’s a little dry or dull. I have the 4 oz. one (there’s also a 8 oz.), which is just one ounce too big for carrying onto the plane. However, I pack this in my purse/backpack when I’m out exploring. I’m thinking about buying a travel size (2 oz.) for the next trip to bring onto the plane. There is also an “aloe, cucumber, and green tea” spray, which I’m sure smells just as great, if you’re not into the rosey smell.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials

3. Passport holder

I’ve written a couple of times now about how clutch my passport holder has been for me, so I’ll link it again right here. I like the one I have [first picture below] because it has a strap and holds things in. I’m going to link a couple more styles and the one I got for my boyfriend [last picture below], which has a zipper since he tends to compile more loose papers, receipts, etc.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials10 Affordable Travel Essentials10 Affordable Travel Essentials10 Affordable Travel Essentials

4. Facial/hand wipes, face moisturizer, hand lotion, chapstick

Hand wipes to wipe your seat area, just in case you’re a germaphobe like we are (I’m worse). N and I wipe everything from armrests to table trays to remote controls to pretty much anything we touch around our seats.

During long flights, face wipes are especially useful for when you wake up from a beautiful and comfortable sleep (says no one ever) and want to clean your face. TIP: use face wipes and then spritz on a bit of the facial spray to feel EXTRA refreshed!

Additionally, after cleaning your hands and face, you need to moisturize them up. The plane gets super dry, so my hands crack a lot, and my face stiffens up. When I was in France, I found a Nivea hand cream that’s extra thick for very dry hands. I LOVE it. I’ve been carrying it with me on every trip since then and have used it on my face too. I’m linking the “extended moisture” one I found, which I think is the American equivalent.

Linking all the brands that I’ve used for this category, including chapstick which I think no one could or should live without.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials10 Affordable Travel Essentials

10 Affordable Travel Essentials10 Affordable Travel Essentials10 Affordable Travel Essentials

5. Saline Nasal Spray

This has been a lifesaver on flights because, again, it’s so dry on the plane that your nose is usually in a drought. The saline spray adds moisture to your nose and will help big time if you’re trying to fall asleep. Linking the Target brand one that I’ve used here.

6. Bose headphones

This isn’t exactly an affordable purchase, but it’s a good deal if you can find them on sale. I bought my pair of Bose headphones on Amazon on one of the big Amazon Deals day. I think they were about $85. They’re not noise-cancelling, but they’re good and comfy enough for me. Plus, I just think they’re cute, so I bring them everywhere. Any headphones that are comfortable for you to wear for hours should do though.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials

7. J-Pillow

I can’t stress how life changing this has been. N gets to give me a big “I told you so” because I laughed at him for getting this pillow at first. It looks HILARIOUS, but this style provides way more comfort and better fit to rest your head on than the usual hook around your neck one. We carry this around with us on every trip.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials

8. Satin eye mask

I don’t use an eye mask when I sleep because it annoys me more than helps me, but N loooves his satin eye mask. It feels really nice, and if you’re trying to fall asleep but are sensitive to light, this is the perfect thing to have with you when traveling. The plane is never completely dark, and sometimes, you just need to block out everything to fall into the abyss.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials

9. Kindle/ Books

Ah, my beloved Kindle. Since I can’t bring a bunch of books with me and waste suitcase space, the Kindle is perfect for jumping back and forth between my books. Lately, I’ve been pretty A.D.D. and can’t finish a book before I start a new one. I think I have been jumping back and forth between 5 or 6 books. Anyway, the Kindle is compact, and you can customize lighting and font size to your liking. It’s ALWAYS with me in my travel bag. <3 This is also pricier, but it’s a good investment if you’re an avid reader. If you’re a physical book and/or one-book-at-a-time person, of course, bring a physical book! Some fun recommendations below.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials   10 Affordable Travel Essentials  10 Affordable Travel Essentials  10 Affordable Travel Essentials

10. Portable charger

We’re constantly on our phones these days, so it makes sense to pack an extra power supply while you’re on the go. Don’t want to be in the middle of posting a riveting insta story or using the phone for navigation, and the phone dies! A MUST buy if you’re always on your phone. Not even sure who doesn’t have one of these nowadays…

Let me know if you guys have anything cool on your travel essentials list! Enjoy!

— T.

10 Affordable Travel Essentials


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