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Hiking the Hollywood Sign!

Hiking the Hollywood Sign!

When anyone visits you in LA and wants to go hiking, you say, “Let’s do the Hollywood hike!” The Hollywood sign is still as famous as it ever was, and as “meh” as I am about Hollywood, I do enjoy this scenic hike, where a good, angled picture of the sign in the background is your take-home accomplishment. Allie’s friend, Lauren, came to visit, so inevitably, the H-hike was a to-do.

Our uber dropped us off near Sunset Ranch, one of the entrance points to the hike. You can choose to do a group ride on horses up and down the trails. However, if you are an unlucky human on two feet, in the first 15-10 minutes of the hike, you cannot avoid the smell of the horses’ poopsicles. After you get past that though, you’ll be okay. The hike winds around the hills’ edges, allowing you to see downtown LA from afar on one side and what is probably skims of the Valley on the other. It was such a clear and sunny day, which makes for perfect hiking!

Hiking the Hollywood Sign!

This trail is not a hard one. Incline here and there, but it’s mostly flat and curvy. It will not test your abilities unless you’re a beginner, beginner. It is only trying to get you to the perfect place to capture a photo of the Hollywood sign 😛

If you want more of a challenge, I believe you can branch off into Griffith territory and go on some of those trails. Our uber driver told us that he’s done about 4-5 hour hikes along the Griffith trails, so those are available as well. Our hike only took about 1.5 hours round trip. A plus about this hike is that you’ll see all sorts of adorable dogs being walked. Can’t help but go “Awww…” every time you pass by one.

Overall, great hike to hang out with friends and keep it easy. And show off that you’ve been close to the famous Hollywood sign!

— T.

Hiking the Hollywood Sign!

Always sunny in LA.

Hiking the Hollywood Sign!

Allie living large!


Hiking the Hollywood Sign!


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