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Life Update: From Work Hiatus to Work-Life Balance

Life Update

It’s been a while, but I’m here to give a life update since the last time you heard from me (hoping this post will spark more posts to come).

As some may know, I took a hiatus from my corporate accounting job back in February. Five, merry months passed by with me trying to find my true calling (spoiler: didn’t find true calling), dedicating time to work on my blog, picking up random projects (website developing and online selling), and best of all, traveling!

Unsurprisingly, this period to myself was much needed. The decision to step away from what I’ve worked so hard to achieve – a good-paying job right out of college – felt like a daunting one. As soon as I made it though, I felt much lighter and knew it was the appropriate one to make.

During this break, I really got to indulge in my personal interests. I worked hard on establishing my blog and said yes to opportunities I wouldn’t, otherwise, have had time for. I traveled internationally and domestically with my loved ones and made time to catch up with old friends. That was what made me really happy – filling my time with things I cared about most.

Finding the right balance of work and life is an endless struggle for a lot of us. What I can say is, don’t be afraid to take a little time for yourself to figure things out. You may never truly figure everything out, but you’ll thank yourself for taking a step towards change, if you feel that it’s necessary.

With that said, I decided to give the corporate life another chance because I was ready to have this work-life balance nailed down. Luckily, it’s been working out so far with the new job. I’m continuing to develop myself professionally while equally dedicating time to my interests and self-betterment. Win-win, might I say!

If you’re in a similar rut, please share/vent/bounce off ideas with me. You will get through this though! It’s just a small bump in the long, exciting road ahead!

Done with the life rambling for now. Main updates since the last time I blogged:

  • almost five months at the new job (still a tax accountant)
  • moved to downtown LA
  • working on throwing a bunch of old stuff away and selling things on Poshmark, eBay
  • traveled to Dubai/Abu Dhabi, NYC, Seattle, Antelope Canyon/Grand Canyon, and Europe (I need to work on my posts…)
  • still have major wanderlust
  • explored more of the idea of achieving financial independence in order to travel the world and pursue personal interests (perhaps continue to work but dedicate time to enjoyable work)
Life Update

Antelope Canyon


Life Update

Newport Beach

Life Update


As for my blog, I’ve been thinking about what directions I could take it, and I’m constantly striving to create awesome content. I’ll mostly focus on travel topics, but I’m brainstorming about what other topics to sprinkle on. Apologies for my major writer’s block these past couple of months, but I’m trying to get back on this horse! Stay tuned. xx



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