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My Next Destination…

Destination: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Destination: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Pretty excited for this one. We’ll be spending five days there, and we take off next week!

I would say this trip was somewhat a spur of the moment. In the hustle and bustle of my last few weeks of work, I thought, why not plan a trip to celebrate my big decision to take a hiatus from work and to celebrate my upcoming birthday…

After brainstorming for chilling out destinations, affordability of flights (points-wise), and degree of interest, the optimal destination turned out to be the UAE. 🙂

There will be camel riding, skyscraper gazing, and pool lounging involved.

In anticipation for this trip and more traveling with my time off, I bought myself a nice, new passport holder. My old, floppy, plastic one pretty much fell apart. Plus, why not splurge a little on a travel essential that’ll last me forever and bring me happiness!

This leather, maroon one that I found on Amazon (see below for linked item) is perfect! It’s stylish, doesn’t look/feel cheap, and is compact for the avid traveler. It also comes in mustard, black, and brown (Valentine’s Day gift, anyone?).

[Update: This item is now $10 less from what I got it for! I got it for $30.]

Destination: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE!

My passport fits snugly in there with room for a boarding ticket or two. Also, there are two slots for credit cards and IDs. As a budding minimalist, I found this to be exactly what I needed!

Destination: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Alright, going to start packing for this trip! Hang around for any trip updates and more related posts on what to pack and travel essentials. 🙂

Get this item on Amazon:


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